Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am thrilled by the rate at which the Kenyan comedy sector is taking root. The days when Redykyulass were the only comedians in Kenya are gone. Churchill came and gave a platform to young and upcoming comedians. This saw other comedians come out of their shells and start programs like Kenya Kona, Comedy Club among others. Not forgetting Buni TV which airs XYZ and other comedy shows.
And now there is a new Comedy show on the block. Yeah! This is the newly started and the first one of its kind in Kenya. ‘In The Forest’ is the newest show in the Kenyan film industry. The Talk show which is a webisode (aired on the internet via youtube) airs on weekly basis and so far it is on its fourth episode. In the Forest is simply a talk show that features various Kenyan actors and actresses. The show is hosted by Gerald Langiri, an actor, casting
director and the founder of the website . The talk show is a sort of a comedy which after watching, if you do not laugh your ass off; you need to visit your doctor for a medical checkup.
Gerald asks the actors very critical questions that they will never be asked anywhere else.  In the first webisode to be aired, Gerald interviewed the famous actress Lizz Njagah who walked out on him when he asked her a question that she felt was too personal.  So far he has interviewed actor and actresses Lizz Njagah, Gitau Ngogoyo, Nice Githinji and Film director Alex Konstataras, who also happens to be Lizz Njaga’s husband.
Gerald is a funny man himself and the way he asks his questions and make his interviewees uncomfortable will leave you laughing. If you want to start your weeks on a higher note, watch out for the webisodes which are released every Monday morning. You can like the Facebook page In the Forest for updates.
This Talk show is taking the Kenyan acting industry to another level. Hate it or Love it, “In The Forest” is the next big thing in the Kenyan Film Industry. And that’s how Neomy sees it!