Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I had decided to rest the case of Jim Iyke since I whined and nothing happened. (It’s not like I expected anything to happen but I don’t regret whining though). But I want to talk about it again. About a month ago I was so grateful when Kenya got 13 nominations for the AMAA Awards. And my best Kenyan Movie so far, Nairobi Half Life scooped 9 nominations. I even wrote an article about it. You can read it here I was eagerly waiting for the final awards and was confident enough that the movie would scoop not less than 5 awards. Yeah, don’t think I am stupid but that’s how strong my faith was.
On Saturday the AMAA Awards ceremony took place and when I learned of the results, my heart sank. Kenya managed to scoop only one award and some other award they called “Joint Award”. To add injuries to my already wounded heart, I learned that the award Nairobi half life Movie scooped was best Sound category. Seriously!!???? And like this was not enough, they gave Mwas (Joseph Wairimu) a joint award. He and a certain lady scooped the award for promising actors. I don’t know whether they are supposed to split the trophy into two or get married so that they can own it both. But seriously? Are they trying to tell us that Mwas was not good enough to win the trophy alone? And my favorite Oti (Olwenya Maina) got nothing! Sincerely, I am hurt.
As I was trying to take in the outcome and console my wounded heart, reality hit me real hard. When I was looking for a job, someone advised me that you can be qualified but if you show the interviewer that you do not believe in yourself and your potential, you are not gonna get the job. On the other hand, you may not have the right qualifications but with self confidence, you might impress the employer and get the job. You might be wondering where I am driving you with things that you already know.
Here is my point, last week, Jim Iyke from Nigeria was chosen to feature in the about to be shot Movie ‘My Life in Crime’. What did the producers say? They need to feature someone who is good in acting and who is widely known. In other words, they did not find any actor in Kenya who has the potential to act the role of Jack Zollo. They think that Kenyan actors are not good enough to sell a movie. This simply means that Kenyan film producers do not believe in their own actors. Now, how can we as the Kenyan film industry expect others to believe in us if we do not believe in ourselves? The choice made by the producers of My Life in crime might be the reason why Kenya brought back home only one award! If I was an AMAA judge I would have made the same decision and give awards to people who believe in themselves rather than those who don’t. So, let’s stop blaming the AMAA organizers by saying that the AMAA is a West African Countries affair.( Well it might be a Nigerian affair yeah) but; We brought this to ourselves and we need to rectify it ourselves. If we want others to believe in us, we need to believe in ourselves first. And that’s how Neomy sees it!