Monday, April 28, 2014

Unbreak My Heart

It’s exactly 9:26 pm. I’m watching White Collar season 3b….. Thank you for your question. Yes, I’ve never watched the series. Have you watched ‘Black Collar’? Not yet? Good, because we are on the same level now. So, we move on. I’m on that episode where Matthew Keller kidnaps Elizabeth (Peter’s wife) in exchange of Neal. I hate that guy Keller. He is a sadist. He looks like someone who could drive a knife through your soul and do it with a wide angelic smile. (I was hoping to give a better description of what I mean but sometimes words fail me. Maybe I should have stopped at sadist) 

I love Mozzie. He is my favorite nerd in my list of movie/series nerds. But on a second thought, Huck (Scandal) outshines him. He is a story for another day, though. I have a special connection with nerds. I love how Mozzie plays with people’s heads and makes them look like miserable puppets. Oh! Did I mention I’m in love with Peter’s and El’s love! I know this is just but a dream but when/if I ever get married; I want a marriage like theirs. And thanks to my homie Lupita, All dreams are valid. 

And a special paragraph for my sweet Neal. Neal! Neal! Neal! If only you knew how many times I’ve dreamt of your visit to Kenya; to come and take me away to the land of milk and honey; where you will be my king and I your queen; you will be my Romeo and I your Juliet; where we shall bathe in beautiful waterfalls/springs unaware of the world around us; As we get lazy on the beach enjoying the sweet massage by the sand; Listening to your heartbeat as you listen to mine; Like two entwined souls……. Well, it’s time I came back to reality. Neal has my heart broken into a zillion pieces. (If this was the case I would be dead, right? Or maybe I’m dead). The first time I set my eyes on him, my heart skipped a beat. Ours was love at first sight. Real Love. Special Love. That kind of love that Drake is about. I had our wedding and honeymoon destination set; the great Maasai Mara surrounded by beautiful wild animals as witnesses of our union and later a honeymoon at The Maldives. Our home at the moon. And I knew the exact words he would say to me when I met him at the airport, “Naomi John, You are such a beautiful piece of art that I so badly want to steal you”. 

But then I ‘googled’ him to see which one of his images I would use on our wedding invitation card. The first image that hit me was of him and his family! My sweet Neal is married! Boom… Has been married since 2011! Boom! Boom! … And to show that his marriage is a serious affair, he has 3 children! Boom! Boom! Boom! ... To add some zest to the already exciting discovery, the lucky human being in question is a man! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! … Yeah. My Neal is GAY. Not the opposite of sad. The Museveni Gay. Need I say more? 

The episode has just come to an end and there is hope for Neal to be free of the leg tracker in 3 months. Maybe my dream is still valid. He knows I still love him. Once he’s free, he might fly to Kenya and unbreak my heart. Just Maybe. 

PS: ‘Black Collar’ does not exist. Sorry. Goodbye.