Sunday, November 16, 2014


I wake up to the beautiful melody of humming birds. It is almost like the sound of a church choir composed of all sopranos. I would be the lead (sopranist) singer for this choir. I open my apparently large eyes and all I see around me is beauty; tall, short, thick and thin trees. Despite their differences they are all so close together like conjoined twins. The sun is all over me kissing my face hungrily like a man who has just discovered the art of kissing. The trees are surrounded by green grass beds that could make amazing picnic beds. I turn my head to look on the other side. He is there next to me. He gives me his huge warm smile and says: Good Morning! I smile lazily at him and turn away to stare at the magnified beauty on the other side. This is exactly the view I have always dreamt of waking up to; beautiful sun rays, a huge green forest, fluffy grass-beds and next to him; Except that this is not the Bahamas or the Caribbean or my future home in The Maldives; and most importantly ‘He’ is not Trey Songz.