Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eavesdropping and Positive Thinking

...They had always been jealous Of him; they felt that he was loved more by their father. So, on this day they sold him to slave merchants who took him to a foreign land. While there he… (You already know this story. Those who don’t; Google search the story of Joseph. Joseph of the Bible)

 She is sitting gracefully on a stone.
She has a headscarf; a very flowery headscarf. The way it’s tied, with ears completely hidden and a clean knot at the back of her head, I can tell she’s a believer. She believes in a cause that encourages women to cover their heads. She is wearing a long dress with tiny neat pleats. Flowery too. The dress is tight at the top-neck to waist- and wide at the bottom- waist to ankle. By tight I mean wider than what you are wearing if you are a lady. Oh, and if you are a ‘show abs/show meat’ man. She has one leg folded (I assume) and the other one stretched. The dress flows down to cover the folded leg completely while the other one is slightly uncovered at the toes. The woman has no shoes on. She is the storyteller.

Her listeners are sitting on the dusty ground; a few inches from her toes. Two boys; one has his feet on the ground, knees raised, elbows on knees and hands clasping his cheeks while supporting his head at the chin. He is in tiny worn out shorts and a faded shirt. The faded shirt has 2 buttons; one at the middle and the other at the bottom. He is looking up at the woman with inquisitive eyes; eyes that show hunger for information; a good listener this one. Let’s name him Good listener

The other boy, slightly older, is facing away from Good listener. Their backs are almost touching. He is in a faded t-shirt; one that looks like it was once purple or blue or cream or maybe a combination of all three. His shorts are better looking and longer than Good listener’s. His hair is a good example of ‘nywele ndengu’ (learnt this on Instagram) or in familiar terms he has scattered hair; very tiny scattered bushes of very short hair if I use my preferable choice of words. I can’t see his face to determine if he’s listening to the woman. He has a stick in his right hand with which he is drawing things on the dusty ground. Well, he’s evidently not listening to the woman; a bad listener. We name him Bad listener.

A mother and her two sons.

So, what’s the point of your story, mother? Bad listener asks his mother when she is through. He’s still drawing his things with the stick. His question however makes me realize that he is actually paying attention. We shall still call him bad listener, though.

I wanted you to know that it doesn’t matter what we are going through today; it’s the future that God has in store for us we should focus on. Answers his mother as she continues. Our people rejected us because we are poor but that doesn’t mean that God has rejected us. We are the Joseph of today; our situation is the foreign land he was sold to. This situation is a blessing in disguise; we might not see it now but it will make sense in the near future.

Oh! That’s a very good story, mother. I love your stories. ‘Bad listener turned out to be good listener’ tells his mother. He is still drawing his things.
The 3 then stand and leave; to prepare lunch. I know this from eavesdropping.

It’s on a Sunday morning; almost afternoon. I am at the rooftop of our apartment doing 2 things; hanging my clothes and eavesdropping; the latter being obvious. I always find this mother and her two sons on the rooftop whenever I go to hang my clothes on Sundays. She is always telling them Bible stories which she ends with an encouraging meaning. This mother is always encouraging her sons. I must admit that she encourages and teaches me too; unknowingly. (I’m an expert eavesdropper. Don’t point fingers at me. I know it’s wrong but I love it. Don't we all? It’s one of those habits you know are wrong but you never want to stop because they 90% lead to goodness)

The mother, her 2 sons and an elder daughter live in an unfinished bedsitter on the fourth floor of our apartment. By unfinished I mean totally unfinished; no window panes, no electricity or water connection, no paint, no floor finishing. In place of the window panes are cartons. The faint lighting coming from the house at night tells me they use candles or tin lamps. The house has been freely given to them by our landlord.

Why am I telling all this? I want you to visualize this and get an idea of their life; pitiful, right? Yet, the mother always finds hope in this deep hole of poverty that she and her sons are in. The sons on the other hand believe and cling onto every word their mother tells them. The mother chooses to overlook the poverty they are thriving in and instead focuses on the possibility of a rich future.

I call this Positive Thinking. This mother has taught me positive thinking.

Try that today. Overlook all the negativity in your life and focus on positivity. Focus on the possibility of a better future. A brighter future. A beautiful tomorrow. Become a positive thinker.

Explore the power of Positive Thinking.

Ps: Eavesdropping isn't all that bad a habit, right?