Friday, July 24, 2015

Taking Stock 1

I am excited to share with you my first 'Taking Stock' post. I was inspired by The day book blog. You should visit the blog by the way. I hope you enjoy reading!

Making: a cup of lemon coffee would be great for this weather. It’s raining.

Cooking: more vegetarian foods because I’ve just found me a vegan friend. I think I’m becoming a vegetarian myself; only that I will be a vegan who eats chicken choma and fish. ;)

Drinking: lemon coffee. At first it was too bitter but the taste has eventually grown in my mouth and I love it.

Reading: biographies of influential people. I started by reading Malcom X’s biography and I found it inspiring, eye-opening and interesting. My love for biographies has since grown.

Wanting: a hot pizza like right now and everyday because I can’t recall the last time I had one. Oh, I had one on my birthday (13th May) but it arrived cold so that doesn’t count. There is no pizza joint in this town.

Looking: outside at the rain and wondering why I’m not in bed.

Playing: a violin would be a dream come true! I love the beautiful melody given by violins plus I think playing a violin is sexy!

Sewing: Knitting: is my new found hobby. I visited my friend @Sarah Spark and found her knitting. I remembered how as a young girl I used to ‘help’ my mum with her knitting. By help I mean knit without her permission. Of course I never got her permission plus she would always find out and lecture me. Anyway, finding Sarah knitting triggered something in me and the following day I bought me knitting tools and I’ve not looked back since then. I just finished my first scarf. Thank you Sarah for this!

Wishing: that the rain could only fall on rooftops, (with water collection pipes) shambas and grass fields. In short the rain should fall everywhere else but roads. Also wishing that I didn’t start writing down this ‘rain wish’ because I’m now confused on what I actually mean.

Wondering: if I should eat or not. (At the moment of writing this) I’m hungry but I have a bloated stomach. The thought of my sumptuous homemade dish that I carried with me to work is not helping my decision making.

Enjoying: my life! I am at a point in my life where I am happy and actually enjoying life. I wrote a post about finding love and happiness in a hopeless place. You can read it here. My move to Nyahururu opened my eyes in a new beautiful way.

Waiting: for my stomach to ‘deflate’ (hehe) so that I can eat. Uurgh…                                                                             

Liking: my new sweater with leather details on the neck and pockets. I’m in it today.

Loving: everything leather! I can’t believe I’m saying this; a few months ago I couldn’t stand anyone in leather pants. Then I took a leap of faith and bought one. I fell in love. Well, I was ashamed of myself for falling in love with leather pants but as the saying goes, love overcomes all. It overcame my shame and now I can’t keep my hands off leather; from pants to jackets to sweaters (those with leather details).

Hoping: that the script I’m currently writing will interest someone once I’m through. Also, hoping that a TV series production I was involved in last year will get a media to buy/air it so that we can shoot season 2.

Marveling: at how the Kenyan media is giving the ‘Obama motorcade’ more coverage than his mission which is way more important. I understand the excitement; I also feel like I’m watching a live scene from ‘White House Down’ but guys, let us not forget the mission.  

Needing: about Kshs.1.5 million. Yes, it’s a need.

Smelling: pork (there’s a pork joint next to my work place) and wishing I had enough money to buy the whole business and then closing it down. I hate pork.  

Wearing: boots even in scorching sun shamelessly.

Following: berlin-artparasites on Facebook. I recently found this page which is about outstanding artwork accompanied by beautiful poems and quotes. I love it! Here is the description of the page; berlin-artparasites shares compelling artwork that alters the way we live, love, work, play, think and feel.

Noticing: that these days I’m talking too much and ending up too tired. Talking too much (To people) sucks the energy out of me. You see, I’m naturally a quiet person but sometimes I try to talk too much to fit in the crowd. I have realized it’s becoming unhealthy for me. I’m cutting down the talks; today I’ve spoken less than 2,000 words including the ones I’ve spoken to myself.

Knowing: my ring’s whereabouts would make me very happy. I have a habit of misplacing rings every now and then.

Thinking: of how I’ll buy a piece of land and build a white mansion. This thought is driving me crazy.

Getting: a facial every month has become a routine for me and this is working wonders.

Bookmarking: British fashion blogs. I love British fashion and sometimes wish that I could go and live there forever! Like for real. Their style is edgy, unexpected, fearless and has a ‘thrown-on’ feel which is exactly my style.

Opening: a cold can of redbull right now would be refreshing.

Giggling: at Bright Gameli’s Instagram videos/pictures. He posts silly pictures and videos that will keep you giggling all day. You can follow him here.

Feeling: proud of myself for writing something today!
PS: I will be writing a ‘Taking Stock’ post every month to update you on what I’m currently about.

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