Monday, August 31, 2015

Taking Stock 2

(It’s 6:42a.m)

Making: a cup of coffee is a thing I yearn to do but can’t. I haven’t taken coffee in the past one month and it’s killing me; health issues. I will tell you this though; withdrawing from coffee when you are a coffee addict is one awful thing. It comes with crazy side effects like headache, a tired mind, constipation (for reals) and sleepiness. It’s awful, I tell you.

Cooking: more at home is something I’m working towards. I’ve been eating take-away food so much these days. I want to kill this habit completely if possible. Maybe I’m bored with restaurant food or maybe wifery is calling. lol

Drinking: coffee again without posing any threats to my health will be a thing worth celebrating.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Travel Diary: Lake Ol Bolossat

I had been looking for a travel buddy/ nature lover to hit Nyandarua and Laikipia county with. I have come to love this place for what it has to offer in terms of natural features. I finally did and yesterday we hit Lake Ol Bolossat. L. Ol Bolossat is located between the Aberdare Ranges and Dundori Ridge. It happens to be the only natural lake in Central Province. 
Visiting the lake had always been a childhood dream. I was telling my new travel buddy how as a kid we would visit my grandmother who lives around that area. My brothers

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This Town, Nairobi (Part II)

The opportunity to visit Nairobi came through a friend who was graduating in Thika. From Nyahururu, you have to get to Nairobi first and then connect to Thika. So it was more of a visit to Thika than Nairobi but well, to me it was like a visit to Nairobi; bearing in mind that I didn’t even know then that the two were separate towns. By the way, these people who live in Kiambu, Rongai, Kawangware and the like but tell people from shags that they live in Nairobi should stahp it! Just Stahp! It’s shocking for people like us from shags who get to Nairobi thinking that Thika is only 5 minutes away and 20 bob for that matter only to realize it’s a hundred bob! A hundred freaking baab!

Monday, August 17, 2015

This Town, Nairobi

“Tomorrow your mother and I are going to Nairobi,” my dad said to us one night as we were having supper. I was excited and saddened by this news; excited because someone close to me was finally going to Nairobi; saddened because I wasn’t part of this heavenly trip. 

You see, Nairobi to me then was like what The Maldives is to me today; a heaven on earth city. In my little (unknown) village if you had a relative (especially if it was one of your parents or siblings) living in Nairobi you automatically became one of the village celebrities.  Men, women and children alike worshipped the ground you walked on. In school you were a member of the ‘cool kids of the village club’. All kids wanted to be around you. It didn’t matter if your mum or dad or sibling was working as a house help, a pastor or a bank manager; the keyword Nairobi was all that mattered.