Monday, August 31, 2015

Taking Stock 2

(It’s 6:42a.m)

Making: a cup of coffee is a thing I yearn to do but can’t. I haven’t taken coffee in the past one month and it’s killing me; health issues. I will tell you this though; withdrawing from coffee when you are a coffee addict is one awful thing. It comes with crazy side effects like headache, a tired mind, constipation (for reals) and sleepiness. It’s awful, I tell you.

Cooking: more at home is something I’m working towards. I’ve been eating take-away food so much these days. I want to kill this habit completely if possible. Maybe I’m bored with restaurant food or maybe wifery is calling. lol

Drinking: coffee again without posing any threats to my health will be a thing worth celebrating.

(Currently) Reading: Dreams from my father by Barrack Obama. It is a book about Obama’s life as an African American man (living in America) and his struggle to find a sense of belonging. This man can write! You should read the book by the way. The book also gives you an idea of what it is to be a black man in a white dominated country. I’m also reading The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. This one is good for your spiritual growth. It is a book about praying for you; we are good at praying for others but do we ever pray for ourselves?
Wanting: to explore all or half of the amazing destinations in Nyandarua/Laikipia counties by the end of this year. I am a nature lover and I have come to realize that these two counties are naturally beautiful. I want to explore them as I take my love for nature a notch higher. Last week I visited Lake Ol Bolossat. See the photos here> Travel Diary: Lake Ol Bolossat.

Looking: at myself in the mirror and feeling proud of the woman I have become. Over the past few months I have learnt that it’s an amazing thing to compliment and (constructively) criticize myself. It has helped me realize growth in myself and be proud of it.

Playing: a violin is still a dream that I hope will come true one of these days!

Sewing: Knitting: a handbag and a dress (yes! A dress) is a thing on my ‘Things to knit’ list.

Wishing: my mum who celebrated her birthday on Friday (28th) many years on earth that are full of happiness and God’s blessings. Kaseo loves you mum!

Wondering: if I would look good in short hair. I still think my brother would rock short hair better than me, though.

Enjoying: Hillsong United music as I write this. All the songs are beautiful but my all time favorite is the song I Surrender from their 2012 DVD Album. Also you should listen to Anthony Evans. I get goose bumps whenever I play that man’s music. It makes me feel like the gates of heaven have opened and God’s Grace is raining on me.

Waiting: for my other workmates to get to work.

Liking: my playlist. I’m thinking of writing a post on ‘what’s in my playlist’ and giving you detailed info of what each song in my playlist means to me and how it makes me feel.

Loving: my new Calvin Klein watch! It’s simple but very beautiful.

Hoping: that my plan to visit a new place every two weeks becomes a success. Also, anyone with a HD camera that they no longer use or need can hand it over to me because I need a camera!

Marveling: at how someone who never meant anything to you can suddenly mean the world to you! ie. This is not a hint to anything. A girl can marvel, right?

Needing: a new phone urgently. Anyone? ;)

Smelling: bananas in the syrup I am currently taking. I swear it smells and tastes like banana juice.
Wearing: a smile as often as I can.

Following: Wanja Kavengi and Gikonyo Kelvin on Facebook. Wanja Kavengi’s long posts are full of humor and keep me giggling from beginning to end. Follow Gikonyo Kelvin if you love dirty humor.

Noticing: that this post is taking longer than anticipated to write. Blame it on the many shughulis on my plate.

Knowing: that God’s got my back is a beautiful feeling.

Thinking: of shaving my hair completely and growing it natural.

Getting: a pedicure asap will be good for my (almost neglected) legs and feet.

(Still)Bookmarking: British fashion blogs.

Opening: a fixed deposit account is on my mind.

Giggling: at a poem I wrote last week and thinking how silly it would be to post it.

(As usual)Feeling: proud of myself for writing something today!
PS: Can anyone please tell me why my blog changed from .com to I’m totally confused.

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