Friday, September 11, 2015

Travel Diary: Hell’s Gate National Park

We made it! As I told you 2 weeks ago in my first Travel Diary post that we shall be taking a trip every 2 weeks, my friend and I managed to visit another destination. Well, it wasn’t in any of the counties promised but this time round we went to Nakuru County. We visited Hell’s Gate National Park and it was the best picnic so far. Okay, we’ve only had 2 but still this one was the best of all the picnics I’ve ever had. 

The Park is located about 30KM from Naivasha town. We drove from Nyahururu to Gilgil where we stopped to have breakfast. We then resumed and had our next stop in Naivasha town where we went to Naivas supermarket and bought some snacks and drinks for the picnic. By the way, Naivasha town has really developed and looks amazing! For someone who lives in Nyahururu I have learnt how to appreciate a beautiful town when I come across one. ;)

Most people visit the park and cycle around. The scenic view is more enjoyable while cycling. There are several bikes for hire just before you get to the park. My friend knows how to cycle but I don’t; hence we didn’t hire the bikes. Plus we were driving and we decided it was better to drive around. One mistake we did though was forgetting to fuel the car whose tank was almost running empty. This made it impossible for us to drive deep into the park. We never made it to the gorge, the geothermal site and the hot spring. However, we still managed to drive around a little, take a hike and enjoy the scenery from the top of a cliff. We also saw a few animals like zebras, Thompson’s gazelles, hartebeest and warthogs which were almost around every corner we took. I thought the warthogs were ugly but my friend preferred to use the terms ‘they have interesting features’ which I think is a polite way to say they are ugly. What do you think? (Only answer allowed is ‘ugly’)

It was a beautiful trip and we shall probably go back there and visit the sites we did not manage. I promised myself though that I have to learn how to cycle first so that we can cycle around on our next visit.  Oh! And we saw one giraffe which looked so lonely. 

The pictures were still taken (by yours truly of course aka #photographybyKaseo) using my 4MPs camera. I think they are clearer than last time. Not sure whether it’s the camera that’s aging like fine wine or it is the photographer’s skills improving. I choose the latter. Enjoy!!!

PS: My friend makes an appearance at the end!

                     Sunrise in Nyahururu where we started our journey. This is outside my place of work where my friend was picking me.

Along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway on our way to Naivasha

A view of the entrance to Hell's Gate National Park taken from inside the park.

                             These houses belong to the park's staff members. They are just outside the Park. Don't they have cool houses?
I think this Zebra is an introvert. ;)

                               I could hear this landscape calling me as we drove past it. It's beautiful. My tiny camera did it's beauty a lot of injustice.

                                  "I should hurry up before these humans get to me and take me to visit my cousins the donkeys. I hate my cousins", said the crossing zebra.
                                      The Fishers Tower. The scratchy look was caused by the windscreen.

                  Anyone with good eyesight can tell that these are warthogs, right?

        Can you see the smoke? Not sure if that's the geothermal pool or the hot spring.
     On our way out we spotted these tourists.
                      Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I present my friend to you! You thought it was me? We get that a lot. People say I look like her but I think I'm more beautiful. No offense to you my friend. ;)

Till next time, stay safe!

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