Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Journey

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The word family has different meanings. To some, family means those related to them by blood while to others it means those related to them by love.  To me, family means friends. My friends are my family. The proverb, blood is thicker than water does not make any sense to me. They say that some people stick closer than family. These people I found in my friends. They have stuck closer than my blood family. These friends I made my family. I mean, what is the essence of calling people your family if they are not living up to the title? What is the whole point of calling people your family if they reject you when you need them the most? This life is all about making choices. And these choices determine the path our lives take. I made a choice; a choice to make my friends my family. The friends who accepted and welcomed me with open arms and we became one big happy family. For the first time in my life, happiness found me.

There is James. He is my elder brother. He is also the guy who plays father when ‘I become too much’ as he likes to put it; which is almost all the time. A month ago I however promised him to become the ‘son’ he ‘asked God’ for. This promise is partly why I’m writing this.