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Hello. I am a writer; scriptwriter/creative writer. I am also an aspiring film producer/director. Sometimes I also write mushy words that I love to call poems; for my eyes only though. So, you can call me a half baked poet. It would also be appropriate to call me a journalist; at least that's what I intended to become when I enrolled for a Journalism course in college. Instead I work in a... drum rolls... a very cool Salon! They call me a cashier/receptionist here. At least, when they are not calling me 'the girl with a half shaved head' or 'the girl with a mohawk'. I wish they would use 'lady' though. And... What is a mohawk? Anyone?

 Sometimes I get confused on who I really am and have to call my mum for a reminder.
"Mum, who am I?"
"You are your father's daughter; Naomi John aka Kaseo."
So, ladies and gentlemen and aliens too, I am Naomi John aka Kaseo; my father's daughter. Welcome to my blog.

I am a writer professionally but I often find myself telling people that I am a film maker which is almost the truth because I would love to be a filmmaker. Film making is my passion. It's my dream. It's what drives me to wake up each day with more hope than yesterday. This has seen me write about two scripts which are still in my closet though; they are not ready to come out. ;).

I love nature (and traveling). It's therapeutic for me. I take trips to the woods and huge water bodies just to stare and marvel at the beauty of nature. I also love badminton and used to play back in the days when my bones were silent. I was good! I hate normalcy. It's boring. Hence I don't do 'my favorite dish/movie/place... is' thing.

Photography is also one of my loves. Every now and then I'll take and post blurry images from my tiny 4Mps camera; a gift from my lovely aunt while I was in college year one. I am open to the idea of being gifted a new camera though.

I am socially awkward. Introverted too which most people mistake for shyness. No, I am not shy. I can also talk too much when the topic in question is mind boggling and when my talkmates are people I'm overly comfortable with. So, don't get offended if you spot my mouth moving up and down too much from the other corner of the room only to get tight-lipped when you join our table. I'm just not comfortable with you. When I'm not watching movies/series I am busy reading a book or talking to myself. I don't own a TV thus I have no idea of what is happening around me. Don't call me ignorant though; I probably know more than you. I'd rather go fishing with you on our first date than sit in a coffee shop or dinner staring at each other.

In this blog I will write about anything except gossip and politics. But between you and me, I LOVE GOSSIP!

I know I'm not funny but it's okay to laugh or at least smile at some of my attempts to crack jokes. And if you smile, don't forget to subscribe!

PS: Take me around the world- I will fall in love with you. Take me to The Maldives- I will marry you!

Naomi John aka Kaseo; my father's daughter.

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  1. i cant wait to see you there. i believe in you. that should get to your heart.